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Open Mated VSH Queen Bees  2019

VSH bees can reduce Varroa mite populations without chemical treatments

Varoa Sensitive Hygiene or VSH is a genetic trait identified and developed by the USDA Bee Lab in Baton Rouge.  The worker bees with VSH trait are able to detect the reproducing mites down in the sealed brood cell.  The workers uncap and remove their unborn sister and the immature mites in that cell then perish.  For additional information click on the "information" links below.

On a regular basis, we aquire Instrumentally Inseminated breeder queens from VP Queen Bees to ensure the highest expression of VSH trait through out our apiary and in the queens we sell.   Our breeders are framed on the prolific Italian strain, their daughter queens are open mated to a survivor drone population with a long history of strong VSH gene expression.  I've choosen the Italian strain of honey bees for their tendancy to maintain higher worker populations, especially during our long hot humid Savannah summers. These stronger hives, populated with younger bees cope better with the pressure of Varroa and opportunistic pests such as; small hive beetles and wax moths.   

I obtained my Georgia Commercial Beekeepers License (# 10034) in 2014 and have been selling VSH queens from my state inspected hives to area beekeepers, since that date. The 2019 season will be my first year selling online.  I am extremely proud of quality of the queens that I sell and I don't want to compromise this in any way, so for 2019 I am limiting the online sales to only 200 queens.  I raise queens on full length 6 5/8 in. Langstroth frames ( not those tiny mini nucs) so that I can fully evaluate the laying pattern.  Once queens are "proven" they are then all marked and clipped and finally ready to ship.  I will never snatch a young queen out of her nuc because I see her first few eggs, just to fill an order.                                                                                                                    

To place an order call 912-713-0230

VSH Trait Information from the USDA Honey Bee Lab in Baton Rouge.

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