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100% Raw Honey in a spreadable creamy form.  Creamed Honey goes by a variety of names: Whipped Honey, Winter Honey, or Set Honey.


  One of the greatest features of creamed honey, it doesn't run down my grandkids arms!


one pound Creamed Honey

SKU: cm16
  • Creamed Honey is also known as Whipped Honey, Winter Honey, Spun Honey even Churned Honey.  Our creamed Honey is made from 100% raw Honey and is never heated like most commercially produced creamed honeys.

    In the process we use, microscopic seed crystals are blended into fresh raw, liquid honey. The mixture is then allowed to rest at a controlled temperature of 57 degrees for 10 days to 2 weeks and nature does the rest.

    This sweet treat maintains it's creamy consistency indefinitely if stored at ~ 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

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