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Here is your DIY Chai.  This cream style honey is made with our blend of eleven different spices.  Masala Spiced Honey melts delightfully in your hot tea, on your favorite toasty bread, or oatmeal.  Conveniently sweeten and spice your way to chai bliss without all the 


Creamed Masala Spiced Honey

SKU: Mc16
  • Chai tea                           - would be more accurately called masala chai.

         Chai is a blend of black tea, honey, spices, and milk.

    In America the phrase chai tea has come to mean the particular kind of tea made in the Indian style. (What Americans call chai tea would be more accurately called masala chai―masala is the mix of spices used to flavor the chai.)                                             

    T’sBee’s Vanilla Chai Honey and Masala Spiced Creamed Honey contain a blend of nine different spices.  Our raw honey and the spices merinate together for over thirty days to bring out the richness of this flavor flled treat.                               

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